1. The new jail only costs $190 million. Why a $777 million tax increase? This proposed increase is 2.5 times the amount of the tax increase the voters rejected in November 2006.

2. This plan only generates 384 new jail cells. This equates to $2,023,437 per bed. How in good faith could anyone support a plan this expensive? (Should we just be renting spaces at the Red Roof Inn?)

3. Historically, the County's budget has always paid for jail operations. This new tax increase puts most of the funding of jail operations on the taxpayers with this new tax. Where did the previous money that paid for operations go?

4. The $100 million+ in proposed new Social Programs--does anyone even know what these programs are? In bypassing the normal budgetary process for these Social Programs are we looking at our most important priorities in the County first when it comes to spending money?

5. Does the 7.0% tax put businesses in Hamilton County at a disadvantage when every other surrounding county is less. Will this tax increase cost us jobs? Will it impact Commerce in the area? Is it wise to jeopardize this sales tax revenue stream that is already decreasing (sales tax revenue decreased in 2006)?

6. Won’t citizens go outside of the county for big purchases? (Save the price of a lunch by buying a big screen outside Hamilton County— won’t people who are angry drive 5 minutes to do this—wouldn’t you?). Haven’t the Cigarette smokers proven this to be issue????

7. Does Hamilton County want to be viewed as high cost place to live, a high cost place to do business? Our property taxes are already the 2nd highest of 88 counties in Ohio? Can we afford to turn off potential economic development by being perceived as a high tax area?

8. The Vera Institute while studying the Hamilton County Jail issue said: (Page 29) “However if current processes and practices are not modified it can be expected that jail crowding in Hamilton County will not be alleviated.” What this very important sentence says is that the reason the jails are overcrowded is that the process between the Sheriff, the Prosecutors and the Judges is broke. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Not the jail space. If we spend $777 million for a new jail will it be filled 3 months after we build (just like the last jail we built).

9. What do we have to do to hold the Judges, The Prosecutor and The Sheriff accountable for fixing this process and logistics problem in the jail? Has the County tried anything to fix this problem?

10. When Hamilton County's population is decreasing why do we need to build a bigger, SUPERSIZED jail?

Contact: Dan Regenold, Hamilton County Business Owners with any questions.